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  • Research conducted by experienced Hygiology naturopaths recommended Pure Innovation as one of the best supplements providers
  • Before taking any supplement, users should conduct research and engage experienced health practitioners to better understand their effects
  • Hygiology site members can receive independent product advice from experienced naturopaths, and access to the full Pure Innovation range (under RRP)

Why we stock Pure Innovation

Hygiology engaged a number of experienced naturopaths when deciding which brands to stock; Buy Pure Innovation online at Hygiologywanting to distinguish ourselves by stocking only the best. A number of Pure Innovation products were recommended, including Activated B Complex and Zinc Citrate. For the ease of our customers, we stock the entire Pure Innovation range.

The majority of products are for specific health issues, and should only be considered once you're confident you understand your current health status, ideally through research and with advice from an independent, experienced health care practitioner - something we can help with.

Buy Pure Innovation products online at Hygiology

Hygiology members can access the full Pure Innovation range, receive product advice and take advantage of our health checkup application, with tailored action plans for those looking to improve their health and wellbeing. Read more about the benefits of membership.

About Pure Innovation & BioConcepts

Pure Innovation is produced by BioConcepts, an Australian company founded in 1984 by nutritional biochemist and author Henry Osiecki. Their head office is located in Eagle Farm, Brisbane. BioConcepts is committed to delivering quality service, innovative high-grade products and cutting edge practitioner information and support.

Henry founded BioConcepts after becoming frustrated with the indifferent results he experienced from uncertain products. Professionally trained as a biochemist, dietitian and nutritionist, he incorporated cutting edge nutritional research into therapeutic products, providing maximuml efficiency.

In addition to product development, Henry Osiecki has authored a number of books including The Physician's Handbook of Clinical Nutrition, Cancer: A Nutritional / Biochemical Approach, Asthma Breakthrough, Nutrient Bible, Food of the Gods and Hypernutrition for Sport.

You can read more about BioConcepts mission on their site.

Pure Innovation vs Dr Vera's FormulationsBy Pure Innovation online at Hygiology

We asked Pure Innovation to explain to us the difference between their products and the Dr Vera's Formulations brand. This is what they had to say:

Pure Innovation is a unique range of Australian products that are innovative, pure and hypoallergenic with maximized absorption. Previously known as Dr Vera’s Pure Innovation, the brand was changed to Pure Innovation to create diversity in the BioConcepts ranges. BioConcepts also has a Queensland only range called Dr Vera’s Formulations.  This change in brand name allows differentiation and clarity for practitioners utilizing these products."

So to sum up - you can only access Dr Vera's Formulations from Queensland based practitioners. Unfortunately at the moment, Hygiology does not fall in this category (we plan to in the future).

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Pure Innovation products are available to Hygiology.com.au members. To become a member, you need to complete a short health questionnaire - it usually takes a few minutes, but may take longer depending on your current health situation. Once completed you will have access to the entire Pure Innovation range of alternative natural medicines. Please note that all herbal remedies and vitamin supplements require approval by Hygiology’s in-house naturopath. Become a member.

For more information on Pure Innovation, please visit their website.