Health philosophy

Hygeia was the Greek goddess/personification of healthHygiology, derived from the Greek word hygeia (health), literally translates as the study of the preservation of health. The Ancient Greek goddess Hygeia personified health and wellness, and was associated with the prevention of sickness.
Our basic philosophy on health: everyone has the opportunity to be proactive and the ability to make informed decisions. Smart Health Choices, a free e-book available on this site, is a good starting point if you are facing any major health decisions.
In practice, we have an open minded, interdisciplinary approach to the prevention and treatment of health issues, whilst understanding that every person has a unique physical makeup. The information on this site is not intended to replace the personal care and attention of a face to face consultation with your health care professional.
Being informed is an integral part of taking the most effective course of action. Consequently, this site is dedicated to providing a framework that can help determine the best course for you. We are responsive to the health needs and interests of our readers, so please send us your ideas for any health topics of interest. Improving your health education, and knowledge of the choices available is vital in ensuring you get the right health assessment.