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  • Research conducted by experienced Hygiology naturopaths recommended Orthoplex as one of the best supplements providers
  • Before taking any supplement, users should conduct research and engage experienced health practitioners to better understand their effects
  • Hygiology site members can receive independent product advice from experienced naturopaths, and access to the full Orthoplex range (under RRP)

Why we stock Orthoplex

Buy Orthoplex online at Hygiology

Hygiology engaged a number of experienced naturopaths when deciding which brands to stock; wanting to distinguish ourselves by stocking only the best. Orthoplex was recommended as a brand trusted by both practitioners and patients. Some of their more popular products are Children's Formula, Hydrozyme and MagOpti cell. Hygiology stocks the entire Orthoplex range.

The majority of products are for specific health issues, and should only be considered once you're confident you understand your current health status, ideally through research and with advice from an independent, experienced health care practitioner - something we can help with.

Buy Orthoplex products online at Hygiology

By Orthoplex online at Hygiology

Hygiology members can access the full Orthoplex range, receive product advice and take advantage of our health checkup application, with tailored action plans for those looking to improve their health and wellbeing. Read more about the benefits of membership.

About Orthoplex & BioConcepts

Orthoplex is one of the most reputable manufacturers of natural health products in the Australian market. As part of Bio Concepts, a proudly Australian owned and operated organisation, the company has been at the forefront of creating high quality practitioner range vitamins and supplements for over twenty years.

Read more about Bio Concepts mission on their site.

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Orthoplex products are available to Hygiology.com.au members. To become a member, you need to complete a short health questionnaire - it usually takes a few minutes, but may take longer depending on your current health situation. Once completed you will have access to the entire Orthoplex range of alternative natural medicines. Please note that all herbal remedies and vitamin supplements require approval by Hygiology’s in-house naturopath. Become a member.

For more information on Orthoplex, please visit their website.