Jon Wardle

Jon Wardle Hygiology bio picJon is a National Health and Medical Research Council Research Scholar at the School of Population Health at the University of Queensland and Trans-Pacific Fellow at the School of Medicine at the University of Washington.

He is also Director of the Research Capacity Stream of the Network of Researchers in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NORPHCAM), where he also works on policy and regulatory aspects of CAM and developing integrative models of health.

Jon is a naturopath practising in Brisbane where he focuses on the treatment of female reproductive disorders. He is the co-editor of “Clinical Naturopathy: an Evidence Based Guide to Practice” published by Elsevier and currently used as a core clinical text by naturopathic courses in Australasia, Europe and North America.

In addition to lecturing on CAM and public health topics he serves several editorial positions, including as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine and Associate Editor of the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine project.