Jane Barry

Jane Barry has qualifications and expertise in general, midwifery and child health nursing. She also has a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science (Nursing) and is an endorsed immunisation programme nurse.

For 25 years Jane has been employed in community health, specifically early parenting, with a focus on sleep, safety, behaviour, nutrition and maintaining wellness. Jane’s passion lies in supporting and educating parents to care for their children in the best way possible and to help them focus on the joy of parenting.

Jane combines her clinical nursing career with freelance writing and currently writes parenting columns for two national Australian newspapers, writes book reviews, speaks on radio and appears on television. She is called on when an “expert” voice in parenting is required. She has also written parenting booklets and brochures for a number of clients, as well as parenting information for a range of on-line digital networks. Her advice is a mix of evidence based research findings, as well as a distillation of many years practical experience in knowing what can lead to best outcomes.

Jane is known for her common sense and well balanced, supportive advice, which respects the important role parents have in influencing their children’s lives. She is also acutely aware of the unique relationships parents have with their children and the anxieties and guilt which can plague even the most confident parents.