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EVOHE (pronounced “Ev – o – ee”) was founded by Meg & Barry Forrester in the picturesque hills of Northern NSW.

Like many people in the area, the company (now based on the Gold Coast) is environmentally conscious, and strongly committed to acting ethically and with a sustainable mindset.



EVOHE products are naturally preserved and free from synthetics. The preservation system consists of Totarol (a sustainably harvested bark from NZ), silver, citric acid along with a food grade blend, including lemon myrtle, rainforest lime and rosemary. You can read more about their methods on the Evohe website.

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In additional the company clearly labels the percentage of organic ingredients used in each product. all their products are certified organic, and using Fair Trade ingredients is an important part of the company identity.

Every EVOHE product is vegan friendly, using recyclable packaging, and follows ethical and sustainable business practices. An Australian made and owned company that creates great products in a sustainable, environmentally conscious fashion. We can’t wait to get them into our shop.