Dr Hauschka

Buy Dr HauschkaDr. Hauschka create natural skin care products. Available through the Hygiology shop later in 2013.



Dr. Hauschka is one of three divisions making up WALA, a German company which has been at the forefront of creating natural skin care products since 1935.  Founded by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka (1891 - 1969), the other divisions of WALA are "WALA Medicines" and "Dr Hauschka Med" (since 2009). Dr. Hauschka was created in 1967.

In 1924, Dr. Hauschka was inspired by a meeting with Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Dr. Steiner was asked what, in his opinion, life was. The answer: "Study rhythms, rhythm is the carrier of life." After much contemplation, Buy Dr. Hauschka onlineDr. Hauschka eventually applied the answer to his medical research, with the idea of developing a natural technique for extracting medicinal herbs, embracing the rhythmic changes of nature. The basic idea was to help counter the decomposition process without the need for additional preservatives. You can read more about the history of the company on the WALA company website.

Organic quality

The natural ingredients that make up Dr. Hauschka products are grown in WALA's own biodynamic garden. Some components are sourced from external sources, and if this is the case, they are subject to strict quality control procedures. All ingredients are where possible "grown biodynamically, organically or harvested in the wild."