Lauren is a medical writer, project manager and social media strategist. After completing her science degree in physiology at UNSW in 2010, she spent an honours year conducting research at the Translational Neuroscience Facility under the supervision of Prof. Gary Housley and completed a thesis in the field of sensory neuroscience. Full Bio


Jane Barry has qualifications and expertise in general, midwifery and child health nursing. She also has a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science (Nursing) and is an endorsed immunisation programme nurse. For almost twenty five years Jane has been employed in community health - specifically in the field of early parenting with a focus on sleep, safety, behaviour, nutrition and maintaining wellness.

Jane's passion lies in supporting and educating parents to care for their children in the best way possible and to help them focus on the joy of parenting. Full Bio


Jon is a naturopath focusing on female reproductive health practising in Brisbane, Australia. Jon has worked in both the conventional and complementary medicine areas and values an integrative approach to treatment.  Jon has co-edited a seminal naturopathic text “Clinical Naturopathy: an Evidence Based Guide to Practice” which has been published by Elsevier. The text will be used in naturopathic colleges in Australia, Europe and North America. Full Bio


Shane is a qualified nutritionist and has written several books including the groundbreaking "Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health". He's worked with Organic research organisations in the UK, the US and Europe, as is now the consultant nutritionist to the Biological Farmers of Australia. In 2003 he founded Brisbane-based online retailer Farm Fresh Organics to make fairly-priced, certified organic food easily available to Brisbane families and grow demand for Australia's organic farmers. Full Bio


David Arenson is an Australian-qualified Naturopath and Wellness professional, currently employed as Naturopath at The Sanctuary (Six Senses Phuket).

He has a diverse range of interests covering health and wellness. David is also a qualified aromatherapist (Cert. IV) and massage therapist. Full Bio republishes exclusive content from the US based Well Being Journal. It is dedicated to publishing research about well being and the integrity of medicine, which includes physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health and healing. The Journal has published, since 1992, research findings that substantiate the role in health of healthy thinking, good nutrition and nutritional supplements and traditional herbal medicines.