Going Barefoot

Could going barefoot have its place as part of an overall healthy lifestyle? Some evidence suggests that going Barefoot may decrease the risk of certain injuries to the lower extremities, including ankle sprains, particularly during the act of running or jogging. Researchers have noted that running shoes may alter our natural gait, causing greater collision forces on the heel, thus making chronic injuries more likely. Some injuries, such as plantar fasciitis (inflammation of connective tissues in the soles of the feet), are actually relatively uncommon in developing countries where more people go barefoot

Among the health benefits of going Barefoot is something known as the bioelectrical phenomenon of grounding, also called “Earthing.” Earthing simply involves touching bare feet to the surface of the earth; the feet absorb energy from the electrical field of the planet. The soles of the feet have thousands of receptors for such subtle energy. The theory holds that when people “ground,” they are linking their body to a negatively charged reservoir of energy —i.e., the planet, and are receiving anti-inflammatory benefits from doing so—benefits they would not experience were they wearing shoes with insulated soles. Proponents of the Earthing state that it promotes more balanced health.

Source: mercola.com, “Grounding: The Potent Antioxidant That Few Know About…And Its Free.”

“Going Barefoot”, Well Being Journal, November/December 2013 p 43

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