Our 5 most popular blog posts of all time

Our top 5 blog posts of all time:

  1. What your skin, hair and nails can tell you about your health - “Some info we have gathered to help you recognise what your skin, hair and nails may be telling you about your health. We also offer some natural and effective things you can do for healthier insides to get your outsides looking great…”
  2. Crying baby ? Treat colic in your newborn…- “Do you have a crying baby? Well if you have a newborn – probably! Colic is a term used to describe unsettled behaviour in a newborn child.  Rather than being a medical diagnosis relating to pathology, colic covers a range of symptoms which babies in the newborn to three month age group frequently display.”
  3. Miracle magnesium – why so important? - “Magnesium is abundant in nature, and in turn (assuming a healthy, green tinged diet), abundant in your body. It is an essential driver of the body’s energy systems. Humans cannot tense a muscle or focus a thought without enough magnesium.”
  4. Women’s health – PMS to menopause - “Naturopathy, herbal medicine and other traditional forms of healing have traditional roots in the treatment of female reproductive disorders, which was often the realm of ‘wise women’ who often employed various herbal medicines to treat common conditions of menstruation and to aid healthy childbirth. . However, optimally natural and holistic treatment should focus on restoring the menstrual system to optimal function – a regular peroid cycle with minimal discomfort.”
  5. Understanding chronic inflammation - “The ageing process means we are progressively worse at recovering from cellular damage and illness. We increase our chances of entering a state of chronic inflammation. Exercise and good dietary habits have been shown to significantly increase longevity and reduce our chances of acquiring age-related chronic disease.”

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