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Why we stock BioCeuticals

Hygiology engaged a number of experienced naturopaths when deciding which brands to stock; BioCeuticalswanting to distinguish ourselves by stocking only the best. A number of BioCeuticals products were recommended, including: Adrenoplex, Armaforce, Intestamine, RestoraCalm, SB Floractiv, UltraBiotic 45, UltraClean EPA/DHA Plus and Ultra Muscleze. For the ease of our customers, we stock the entire BioCeuticals range.

The majority of products are for specific health issues, and should only be considered once you're confident you understand your current health status, ideally through research and with advice from an independent, experienced health care practitioner - something we can help with.

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Hygiology members can access the full BioCeuticals range, receive product advice and take advantage of our health checkup application, with tailored action plans for those looking to improve their health and wellbeing. Read more about the benefits of membership.

About BioCeuticals

In 2012 BioCeuticals was bought by Blackmores Limited, but currently still operates as a seperate company. As per their website, the company is committed to "quality, innovation and integrity as guiding principles ... renowned for manufacturing high-quality integrative medicines ... BioCeuticals aims to consistently raise the standards of natural-based therapies". The company obviously has a strong brand and good standing in the Australian market place.

In terms of research, BioCeuticals is pushing ahead with the admirable goal of seeing Buy BioCeuticals onlinenatural therapies "gain the recognition they deserve, and ultimately become an integral part of the Australian allied healthcare industry" (see the BioCeuticals mission statement on their site).

It's hard to believe as a society, we are happy to subsidise (and by implication, legitimise the use of) synthetic medicines, while "natural therapies" of the sort produced by BioCeuticals, are treated differently - unsubsidised, relatively more expensive, whilst most likely better for our long term health and wellbeing. The company should be commended for the role it plays in pushing the case of natural medicines. Big pharma is obviously threatened by the growth of natural medicines, so BioCeuticals continued focus on research and education is an important stepping stone as we look to mature as a society. A better (and evidence-based) understanding of the most natural, efficient and effective ways to manage our mental and physical health is obviously not a bad thing.

Unfortunately, in our opinion, they do have some work to do with respect to their logistics and support systems. At times, our delivery of their products can take a day or two longer than we would like. Hygiology always aim to send products the same day or next day - unfortunately, if we are out of stock of a particular BioCeuticals product, they take a little longer to fulfil orders. However, as a brand our customers respond to, and our naturopaths respect, we are happy to continue stocking.

Health shop

BioCeuticals products are available to members. To become a member, you need to complete a short health questionnaire - it usually takes a few minutes, but may take longer depending on your current health situation. Once completed you will have access to the entire BioCeuticals range of alternative natural medicines. Please note that all herbal remedies and vitamin supplements require approval by Hygiology’s in-house naturopath. Become a member.

For more information on BioCeuticals, please visit their website.