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The A'kin range is produced by The Purist Company; founded 15 years A'kin products onlineago, the company is proudly Australian owned and operated, with a focus on “creating natural, safe and effective products”.

Hygiology stock A’kin and Al’chemy as effective natural products that also provide value for money. Many skin care brands charge outrageous prices for their varied products. The Purist Company are committed to providing all the benefits of a high quality, all natural product at a realistic price.

As per the company website:
Ingredients are carefully selected to work in synergy with each other … extracted to retain their purest form and blended at levels to maximise benefits to the skin.Akin products below RRP

A’kin products are free from toxins and harsh chemicals – safe for you and safe for our environment. They contain no artificial colours, DEA, ethoxylates, mineral oils, parabens, petrochemical cleansers, phthalates, propylene glycol, silicones and sulphates. Further, products are not tested on animals, contain no animal ingredients and are vegan friendly. The products do, however, contain high concentrations of active botanicals; ingredient rich formulas with proven effectiveness.

A’kin is a skin care range of the highest quality and standards, ensuring your skin looks sublime while you feel great.