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Eagle Pharmaceuticals

Zinc Zenith

60 tablets
Access if prescribed


Zinc Zenith contains bioavailable zinc Chelazome, with a synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals for antioxidant activity. Zinc is necessary for gene expression and is a key in DNA, RNA and protein synthesis.



Adults only: Take 1 tablet daily with food.



This product contains selenium which is toxic in high doses. A daily dose of 150 µg for adults of selenium from dietary supplements should not be exceeded.


Active Ingredients:

Each tablet contains:
  • Zinc (as amino acid chelate) 25 mg
  • Magnesium (as amino acid chelate) 50 mg
  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 50 mg
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) 25 mg
  • Manganese (as amino acid chelate) 5 mg
  • Copper (as gluconate) 1.66 mg
  • Selenium (as selenomethionine) 75 µg

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