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Zinc C Lozenges

100 tablets
Access if prescribed


Orthoplex Zinc Lozenges with Lysine may assist in conditions associated with poor immune function, herpes simplex infection and colds and flu. Zinc is an essential nutrient for over 300 enzyme systems in the body, and regular use of Orthoplex Zinc Lozenges may also support wound healing and improve conditions associated with zinc deficiency, such as impaired taste and smell.

Each Tablet Contains:

  • Zinc gluconate 52.21 mg
    • Equivalent zinc 7.1 mg
  • Ascorbic acid 100 mg
  • Sodium ascorbate 57 mg
    • Equivalent ascorbic acid 50.38 mg
  • Magnesium oxide 10 mg
    • Equivalent magnesium 6 mg
  • Retinyl palmitate 556 µg
    • Equivalent vitamin A 1000 IU
  • Lysine hydrochloride 62.5 mg

Excipients: Povidone, microcrystalline cellulose, hypromellose, trusil orange, silicon dioxide, maize starch, glucose, glycine, stearic acid.

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