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Vitamin C Plus Bioflavonoids


Vitamin C Plus Bioflavonoids

100 g
Provides the benefits of all 3 vitamin C's
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Convenient, easy to use powder. Provides the benefits of all 3 vitamin C's (ascorbic, sodium and calcium), in combination with hesperidin and rutin (bioflavonoids). Vitamin C plus bioflavonoids contribute to the formation of collagen and the maintenance of healthy bones, cartilage and teeth. Also helps improve the absorption of iron and supports a healthy immune system. 



Adults: 1 to 3 grams (1000 to 3000 mg) daily in a glass of water or juice (freshly squeezed orange juice is preferred because of the available bioflavonoids within the pulp). Stir until dissolved.

Children over 2 years: Half adult dose



  • Vitamin C  560 mg
    • Sodium Ascorbate 100 mg
    • Calcium Ascorbate 250 mg
    • Hesperidin 140 mg
    • Rutin 14 mg
    • Ascorbic acid 250 mg



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