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Ultimate Protein Chocolate

Eden Health Foods

Ultimate Protein Chocolate

400 g
  • Enhances protein synthesis and boost growth hormone levels.
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    Eden Healthfoods Ultimate Protein uses a traditional bio-fermentation process of sprouting certified organic brown rice protein and adding enzymes which break down the carbohydrate component, producing the Ultimate raw protein supplement, which is high in protein (80%), alkalising and easy to digest.

    Ultimate Protein has a silky smooth creamy texture because we only use a high-quality ultra-fine micronised protein powder for maximum absorption, digestion and nutritional properties. It creates a non-gritty texture with easy mix-ability, naturally.

    Chocolate uses real cocoa (no flavour extracts) so you get the added nutritional benefits of magnesium, antioxidants and other minerals necessary for optimum recovery.

    • Contains fibre allowing the protein to move through your colon
    • Rapid absorption of leucine (compared to WPI) which slows the degradation of muscle tissue
    • Contains more arginine than any other protein available (x4 than whey) which enhances blood flow to your muscles for better delivery of nutrients - means bigger workouts and better recovery
    • Rich in glutamine to enhance protein synthesis and boost growth hormone levels
    • Vegan and alkalising forming


    Suggested Use:

    Mix 2 heaping tablespoons with water, juice or your favourite drink in a blender or shaker at any time or several times a day.


    Active Ingredients: 

    • Premium Grade Bio-fermented Raw Sprouted Wholegrain Brown Rice Protein
    • Alkalised and Fermented Cocoa
    • Non-GMO Apple Pectin
    • Stevia


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