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Eden Health Foods


150 g
  • A good source of natural organic vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential trace nutrients.
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    Eden Healthfoods Superfood is completely natural with no flavours, juice extracts or masking agents, to ensure it is as natural and nourishing as possible. A perfect blend of organic whole food super greens, to fuel your body and provide your cells with the nutrients they need to function effectively. 


    Suggested Use:

    Mix your desired amount of Superfood (which can be anywhere from 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons) in a smoothie, some juice or water (or whatever you fancy). Superfood can be mixed with anything as it mixes easily. It's best to start with one teaspoon for the first week and slowly increase the amount that suits your body and your needs.


    Active Ingredients: 

    (All ingredients are of equal amounts, except for Peppermint Leaf and Green Stevia Leaf which have lesser amounts.)

    • Spirulina
    • Chlorella
    • Alfalfa
    • Barley grass
    • Wheat grass
    • Beetroot
    • Rosehips
    • Spinach
    • Dulse Seaweed
    • Peppermint Leaf
    • Green Stevia Leaf



    Customer questions / expert answers

    Q. I would like to give my kids a green powder, for general health and well-being maintenance to make sure along with a balanced diet they are getting all the nutrients they need and protecting their brains. do you have a recommendation?

     Consider Eden Health food Superfood.  It is additive-free and can be added to juices or smoothies.  Half a teaspoon for children as a maintenance dose.

    Yours in health - Keri Hogarth - Hygiology Naturopath


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