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Main ingredients: Selenium
Selenium Drops Forte


Selenium Drops Forte

50 mL
  • Provide nutritional support for cardiac health, thyroid function, immune system and healthy sperm!
  • Ideal for individuals with impaired absorption or poor digestion
  • Practitioner product


    BioCeuticals Selenium Drops is a high dose, liquid formulation with natural orange flavour. It is ideal for children, the elderly, pregnancy or lactating women and individuals with impaired absorption or poor digestion.

    Selenium is involved in the body's antioxidant network and may provide nutritional support for cardiac health, healthy thyroid function, the immune system and healthy sperm.

    Selenium is a component of many enzymes involved in antioxidant pathways, cardiac health, thyroid function, the immune system, muscle metabolism and male fertility.



    Adults: Take 1-6 drops (1 drop = 40µL) once daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Add to juice or water.



    Do not exceed maximum dosage guidelines. Selenium is toxic in high amounts.


    Active Ingredients:

    Each Dose (1 Drop = 40µL) Contains:
    • Selenomethionine 62 µg
      • Equivalent to selenium 25 µg
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