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Power Protein

Eden Health Foods

Power Protein

1 kg (Powder)
  • A completely natural energy supplement.
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    Eden Healthfoods Power Protein is a balanced blend of 100% organic raw and vegan whole food superfoods, using carefully selected protein rich, nutrient dense and naturally balanced superfoods, to create a completely natural energy supplement.

    It combines three types of maca promoting extra energy and endurance during workouts. It also uses other superfoods such as goji berry, mesquite and brazil nut protein, which are extremely potent in essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to create a perfect addition to a morning smoothie. There are no flavours, sweeteners or fillers making this the perfect whole food supplement, safe for the whole family.


    Suggested Use:

    Mix 2 tablespoons of Power Protein (28g) in a blender with 2 or more bananas and 250ml of water, juice or nut milk. Drink 1 hour before workout.



    Do not take late at night or in the evening if you want to get to get to sleep early. 


    Active Ingredients:

    • Ultra-fine Sprouted and Biofermented Raw Brown Rice Protein
    • Brazil Nut Protein
    • Mesquite Powder
    • Goji Berry Juice Extract Powder
    • Peruvian Yellow Maca Root
    • Peruvian Red Maca Root
    • Peruvian Yellow Maca Juice Extract Powder


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