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Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate Organic Supergreens

Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate Organic Supergreens

500 g
Assists or helps in the maintenance of general well-being.
Practitioner product


A powerful combination of wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, speltgrass and oatgrass. Young leaves were used and cold pressed to retain full nutrient spectrum.

Loaded with vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, copper, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, beta-carotene, vitamin B-complex, folate, amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber.



Add 1 tablespoon to a dry cup or protein shaker. Add at least 250ml of water or juice or add to your smoothie. Mix or shake well.

Best taken first thing in the morning and/or 20min before bed (preferably 2hrs after your last meal). 


Ingredients - each 15 g dose contains:

  • Wheat grass
  • Barley grass
  • Alfalfa
  • Speltgrass
  • Oatgrass


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