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NutraColl Joint Health


NutraColl Joint Health

250 g
Helps reduce activity-related joint pain.
Practitioner product


Using microactive collagen peptides, this formula uses 100% bovine collagen in an easy to consume 10 gram dose that is tasteless, odorless and water soluble.

May help to reduce activity-related joint pain.

The optimised microactive collagen peptides in this product were used in a 24 week study in athletes with activity related-joint pain at 10g daily and showed statistically significant changes compared to placebo in joint pain at rest, when walking, when standing, when carrying objects and when lifting.

Results for subjects with knee pain were more pronounced and included improvements in pain when walking, standing, at rest, running a straight line and changing direction.



Adults, take one 10g dose, once daily, in juice or water with a meal, or as directed by your healthcare professional. 


Ingredients - each 10g dose contains:

  • Gelatin (Collagen hydrolysate) 10 g


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