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NutraColl Beauty Collagen


NutraColl Beauty Collagen

250 g
Helps improve skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles.
Practitioner product


NutraColl Beauty Collagen uses Microactive Collagen Peptide. This formula uses 100% Bovine Collagen in an easy to consume 2.5 gram dose that is tasteless, odorless and water soluble.

NutraColl Beauty Collagen contains collagen hydroslyate which may:

  • maintain skin elasticity in women
  • help to promote reduction of eye wrinkle volume and increase components of the dermal matrix



Adults, take one 2.5g dose daily, in juice or water with a meal, or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Ingredients - each 2.5 g contains:

  • Gelatin (Collagen Hydrolysate) 2.5 g


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