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Mineral Powder

Evohe Colours Makeup

Mineral Powder

8 g - In-between
  • Provides a sun kissed natural glow
  • No preservatives, binders, or stabilizers - only natural minerals
  • RRP: $50.50
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    100% pure minerals contains SPF 24 with:
    • Australian white clay base
    • No nano, talc, filters, bismuth, preservatives or binders
    • Vegan & orangutan friendly
    • Flattering, natural coverage
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Gentle on sensitive skin



    • Step 1 - One pump of 3.6.9 Omega in the palm of your hand
    • Step 2 - Add a sprinkle EVOHE Colours powder
    • Step 3 - Using your fingertips, blend the powder and liquid together. Apply to your face by gently massaging / blending into the skin. The result is a sun kissed natural glow
      More powder mixed in with the oil = more coverage. EVOHE Colours powder can also be mixed with Moisture 24/7 Lite for a matte finish.

      Always start with a smooth clean canvas. Use EVOHE Silica Mask 1-3 times per week to keep a perfectly smooth base for your foundation.


    Active Ingredients:

    EVOHE Colours is the first liquid foundation made fresh in the palm of your hand with no preservatives, avoiding binders, preservatives and stabilizers often used in 'ready-made' bottled foundation.

    With EVOHE Colours, you have pure minerals, and pure oils, nothing else.

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