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Main ingredients: Iodine

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60 capsules
Access if prescribed


Iodine is an essential micromineral, is important as an integral component of thyroid hormones, and is required for normal growth and metabolism.

The adult body contains approximately 15 - 20mg of iodine, 70 - 80% of which is found in the thyroid gland. Requirements for iodine may increase with altered thyroid function, and in particular during pregnancy and lactation.

Iodine is an essential micronutrient and component of thyroid hormone synthesis and function. It typically functions in its ionic form iodide. Dietary iodide is completely and rapidly absorbed and distributed throughout the extracellular fluid from where it permeates all tissues. However, the thyroid gland traps iodide most aggressively by way of a sodium-dependant active transport system and against an iodide gradient.

  • May help support healthy thyroid function
  • May help support increased iodine requirements during pregnancy
  • May help support normal brain development and cognition


1 Capsules per day, or as prescribed.


Increased intake of iodine in persons with hyperthyroidism promotes further hormone production. Chronic intake of several milligrams per day may disrupt thyroid.

Active Ingredients:

  • Potassium iodide 294 µg
    • Iodine 225 µg

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