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Intimate Care Cream


Intimate Care Cream

50 g
Useful for both men and women's intimate areas.
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For men and women:

  • Useful for both men and women's intimate areas. Use it for the appearance and discomfort that can occur in the groin, under breasts and between the buttocks which can be signs of a yeast imbalance. The moisturising and nourishing properties of this cream have also been used to good effect on general chafing, rashes and cracked skin.
  • Demanding lifestyles can cause the body's flora to become out of balance, especially in intimate areas, causing discomfort, itchiness and other symptoms. Many proprietary creams used to alleviate intimate irritation contain synthetic chemicals. But this cream is designed to soothe intimate areas, gently restoring balance naturally - without harsh synthetic chemicals.
  • Contains the unique New Zealand herbal extract, Kolorex Horopito. This is combined with selected tea tree oils for natural cleansing. The apricot kernel oil, aloe vera and natural source vitamin E condition and replenish. It also contains lactic acid to promote a healthy pH level that rebalances the microflora of intimate areas, and helps sustain its natural balance and health.
  • Contains no synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, parabens, or animal products.

The key to the effectiveness of Kolorex is highly activity specimens of the traditional New Zealand herb, Horopito (Pseudowintera colorata). Each batch of Kolorex Horopito leaves must pass an independent laboratory test for activity prior to use.



  • Apricot - Prunus armeniaca (kernel oil)
  • Cetyl alcohol
  • Olive oil - Cetearyl olivate and Sorbitan olivate
  • Tea Tree - Melaleuca alternifolia (leaf) oil
  • Stearyl alcohol - Octadecyl alcohol
  • Vitamin E - d-alpha-Tocopherol
  • Kolorex Horopit - Pseudowintera colorata (leaf) extract
  • Olive - Olea europaea (fruit) oil
  • Aloe Vera - Aloe barbadensis (leaf) extract
  • Lemon Tea Tree - Leptospermum petersonii (leaf) oil
  • Lactic acid



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