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60 capsules
Access if prescribed


Intestaclear may assist those with poor digestive function, worms, candida and parasitic infestations. It contains antimicrocial, antibacterial, antiparasitic, antifungal and anthelminthic herbs.

As a broad spectrum, anti-microbial formula it targets a wide range of intestinal pathogens. The combination of anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties is particularly useful in intestinal detoxification strategies, clearing the intestines of over abundent pathogenic organisms.

Orthoplex Intestaclear is gluten, lactose and glucose free.



Adults: Take 1 capsule twice daily or as prescribed.



Do not use in pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Active Ingredients:

Extracts equivalent to:
  • Juglans nigra (black walnut) fruit hull dry 40 mg
    • Equivalent juglans nigra extract fruit hull 400 mg
  • Artemisia annua (wormwood) herb dry 100 mg
    • Equivalent artemisia annua herb 400 mg
  • Handranthus impetiginous (pau d'arco) inner stem bark 40 mg
    • Handranthus impetiginousa as stem bark 200 mg
  • Berberis vulgaris (barberry) stem bark dry 60mg
    • Equivalent berberis vulgaris extract 360 mg
  • Allium sativum (garlic) bulb dry 60 mg
    • Equivalent allium sativum extract 720 mg
  • Citrus paradisi (grapefruit) seed dry 25 mg
    • Equivalent citrus paradisi seed 250 mg
  • Thyme oil 2 mg
  • Rosemary oil 1 mg
  • Origanum oil 10 mg

Excipients: Gelatin, calcium hydrogen phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica colloidal anhydrous.

Customer questions / expert answers

Q. Hi again,

What would you recommend as a more gentle antimicrobial, and could I possibly take this whilst taking the G Tox and Thermophase?

I am keen to purchase these today and get started but will wait in case there is another antimicrobial I should get too.

Thanks again.

 Sorry for the delayed response.  Consider Intestaclear - a more broad spectrum anti-bacterial.  Start on 2 per day - 1 with each main meal.

Regards - Keri Hogarth - Hygiology Naturopath

Q. Hello,

I have a parasite called d fragillis. It is causing abdominal cramps, headaches, diharrea and some days a low mood. ( hard to feel positive when you've had this for 6 months). Have done the antibiotics which did not work, back to the dr this week to see where to from here. Looking into natural alternatives, any suggestions to help rid the parasite or maybe improve vitamin levels and mood whole going through this ? Started to be a big stress in my life!

 Fragillis is a resilient parasite, and difficult to clear.  You could consider Intestaclear - 1 twice daily with food, as it can improve the digestive symptoms as well.  A probiotic like Ultrabiotic 45 - 2 capsules daily - 1 before bed and 1 on wake-up will start repairing the intestinal lining, and needs to be taken 4 hours away from intestaclear or a anti-biotic. 

Regards - Keri Hogarth - Hygiology Naturopath

Q. We have been battling a parasitic infection of a protozoa called d.fragilis. but suspect we may have another undiagnosed one due to severity of symptoms. Would this product (if we are unsuccessful in current treatments) work for such a protozoa, and would it be safe for a 2, 5 and , 7 year old? Also, we have a copper/iron imbalance due to our drinking water, do you think this would change the effectiveness of parasitic treatment?

 Parex is designed for adults only and children over 12 years.  With this in mind, I would recommend Intestaclear which treats parasites, candida, worms and is a more broad spectrum formula you can use on the children.  Adult dose is 3 per day with food.  7 yr old 1 capsule morning and night with food.  5 yr old 1 daily and 2 yr old 1/2 capsule with food.  Also ensure everyone is taking a probiotic morning and night.

Regards - Keri Hogarh - Hygiology Naturopath

Q. Hello I just wanted to check, is intesaclear the same thing as the ultraprobioplex capsules?

Thank you

 Intestaclear is a herbal digestive clearance formula, typically taken at the last stage of detoxification.  Ultraprobioplex, on the other hand, is a prebiotic best taken at the first stage of detoxification - it contains nutrients to improve digestive immune function and prepares the body for clearance.

Regards - Keri Hogarth - Hygiology Naturopath

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