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Froximun Toxaprevent Medi Plus

180 capsules
Access if prescribed


Froximun Toxaprevent Plus is used in the prevention, treatment and accompanying treatment of illnesses. Its effect is based on its special property of binding hazardous substances already in the intestinal tract. The liver, as the most important detoxification organ, can thus be effectively relieved. 

Application areas:

  • Binding of ammonium
  • Binding of heavy metals lead and mercury
  • Binding of caesium
  • Binding of histamine and other amines, e.g. dimethyl-amine for the reduction of nitrosamine formation 


Storage and usability:

  • Keep out of reach of children 
  • Protect from direct sunlight 


Active Ingredients - each capsule contains: 

  • Clinoptilolite 


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