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Baby's DHA

Nordic Naturals

Baby's DHA

60 mL
  • Supplied by Research Nutrition (Australia)
  • DHA is essential for the proper development of the brain, eyes and nervous and immune systems
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    Nordic Naturals Baby's DHA is an unflavoured formula made exclusively from 100% Arctic Cod Liver Oil. A measured dropper is included for easy addition to formula or food.

    Adequate intake of DHA is essential for proper brain development in infants.


    • Always read the label. Use only as directed


    1 mL daily. Clean dropper thoroughly between each use, especially if dropper contacts child's mouth. Store bottle with original cap in refrigerator.

    Active Ingredients - 1 mL contains:

    Total Omega-3s: 210 mg

    • EPA: 70 mg
    • DHA: 97 mg
    • Artic Cod Liver Oil
    • Anti-oxidants (Rosemary extract)


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