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Advanced Marine Collagen


Advanced Marine Collagen

300 g
High quality marine collagen which is good for connective tissues and skin.
Practitioner product


Sourced exclusively from wild caught cod, this collagen is perfect for clients who prefer a marine (fish) collagen over bovine. The cods are caught from pristine Arctic and North Atlantic waters. Formulated with Type I Collagen, which is what the skin is made of. Fish skin is a premium collagen source and does not require harsh chemicals like scales do.

It is enhanced with a food grade enzyme to create peptides, making it 1.5 times more absorbable by the body.

Collagen is good for the skin, joints, bones, muscle and connective tissue.



Suggested serving size is 10 grams per day which is two teaspoons. This can be split into a morning and evening serving size of 5 grams each for best results. Just add to your daily water, juice or smoothie. 



  • Marine Collagen Peptide from Wild Caught Cod

No preservatives, sulfides, peroxides, flavours or additives.


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