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Advanced Intestinal Care


Advanced Intestinal Care

56 capsules
Helps maintain a balanced intestinal flora, including Candida albicans.
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Processed foods, beverages, medication and stress sometimes affect the microbial balance in the intestine. Kolorex capsules help to maintain a balanced intestinal flora, including Candida albicans. 

  • Supports healthy microflora balance and digestion 
  • Combines the power of Horopito and Aniseed, which together support intestinal wellness 
  • Kolorex Horopito is backed by over 20 years of rigorous scientific research showing it helps to normalise Candida levels 
  • Aniseed is well known for its beneficial digestive properties, especially when bloating and flatulence are present 



  • Kolorex Horopito - Pseudowintera colorata (leaf) 175mg
  • Aniseed - Pimpinella anisum (seed) 175mg

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