Vaccine Research Library

Vaccine Research Library.

The Vaccine Research Library (VRL) contains a collection of articles and article links from mainstream medical journals that by design documents problems associated with vaccines. The VRL is not meant to be a balanced view. The administrators reason that pro-vaccine information is easily obtainable, but finding information about the many vaccines that may not be beneficial is often a challenge.

In addition to sections on individual vaccines, readers can find material on cell lines, adjuvants, and additives. There are selections about “special circumstances,” such as vaccines for healthcare workers and those in the military. Articles published on vaccine injuries—such as demyelinating diseases and seizures—are also in the collection.

Readers can obtain partial access to the Vaccine Research Library for two weeks complimentary, as well as review the most recent information about aluminum, perlussis and MAR. info@vaccineresearchlibrary.com


Source: “Vaccine Research Library,” Well Being Journal, July/August issue 2013 p 24

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