About us

What we do:

Hygiology publishes expert health and fitness information, healthy recipe videos, and provides access to high quality health products and nutritional supplements.

Our mission is to publish quality information that will make a difference in people's lives, without advocating any one particular path or field of study. Check out our philosophy.

We stand for:

What does it mean?

Deriving from the Greek word Hygeia for health, the dictionary definition of "hygiology" means making a systematic study out of healthy living. 

For us, this means focusing equally on preventative health, naturopathy and nutrition as much as medical treatment from clinical physicians. Check out Smart Health Choices for more info.

Why start your own business?

The idea began when my brother and I were investigating various health problems we were dealing with. Having both experienced traumatic injuries and other serious health issues, we were continually searching for unbiased health information. Not having time to track down and study lengthy research articles, we found the majority of websites, magazines and newspapers at cross purposes – given their level of advertising, was the information presented credible?
It was only after spending literally thousands of dollars and travelling to see good practitioners from a range of different fields that we found the good, unbiased advice we were seeking. We felt this expert info should be available to all. Hygiology is dedicated to presenting unbiased, informed health info in a way that is easy to understand.
The site does not provide medical advice, but the information published is independant, where possible evidence based, and most importantly, it's written by health professionals at the top of their game, experts who actually work in the field. Ultimately we hope to empower our readers with the ability to make informed choices regarding their health.