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Sandalwood Body Wash


Sandalwood Body Wash

500 mL
  • Natural body wash enriched with Australian Sandalwood oil
  • Effectively cleanses through non-drying, soap free formula
  • RRP: $26.95
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    Feel refreshed and revived with the help of Akin Sandalwood Body Wash. Akin's Sandalwood natural body wash is enriched with the concentrated nature of Australian Sandalwood oil that is combined with a synergistic blend of softening cleansers.

    Akin's natural body wash gently yet effectively cleanses through its non-drying, soap free body wash formula. Also free from parabens and sulfates, use Akin's natural body wash daily for silky soft clean skin.

    Ideal for:
    • All skin types
    • Daily use
    • Soap free cleansing
    • Silky soft skin

    Active Ingredients:

    • Australian Sandalwood essential oil
    • Cleansers derived from Coconut
    • 100% plant Glycerin
    • Ylang Ylang essential oil

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