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Organic Super Greens powder

Synergy Natural

Organic Super Greens powder

1 kg
  • Superfood synergistic blend of Nature’s most nutrient dense green superfoods
  • Wide spectrum of highly bio-available whole food nutrients
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    Synergy Super Greens is a synergistic blend of Nature’s most nutrient dense green superfoods, Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley Grass and Wheat Grass.

    Synergy Super Greens provides a wide spectrum of highly bio-available whole food nutrients, balanced by Nature, that are absorbed more effectively than those found in synthetic formulations. It can contribute to your 5 + daily servings of vegetables in a convenient and affordable way.

    When choosing a Super Greens brand, consider that meaningful amounts of a few potent ingredients may be significantly more beneficial than low amounts of a large number of ingredients.

    Spirulina is a microscopic freshwater plant with a high content of easily absorbed and valuable nutrients. On a weight for weight basis, it is the most nutritious whole food known to humankind.

    Chlorella is also a microscopic freshwater plant that contains more chlorophyll than any other plant. It can help cleanse and detoxify the body.

    Barley Grass and Wheat Grass are green plants that are high in chlorophyll and fibre and contain a range of other important nutrients. They are highly alkalising green vegetables that can help counter the over-acidity of many processed foods.

    Go Green Inside!

    Active Ingredients:

    • 33% Spirulina
    • 33% Chlorella
    • 17% Barley Grass
    • 17% Wheat Grass

    Each ingredient is 100% pure, premium quality and grown without pesticides or herbicides. To preserve nutrient content, each bottle is nitrogen flushed to eliminate oxygen. The cell walls of the chlorella have been cracked for superior digestibility and absorption.

    Suggested Dosage:

    Adults - Consumption can vary with activity levels, state of health and age. As Synergy Super Greens is a blend of natural whole foods, there is no hard and fast rule on how much you should consume. Start with 1-2 heaped teaspoons (5-10 grams) per day, then adjust according to requirements. Higher levels may be taken by those who are convalescing or following a cleansing and detoxification regime. Food sensitive people should introduce Synergy Super Greens gradually. May be taken with food or stirred into water, juice or other favourite beverage

    Children: ½ the adult amount.

    Customer questions / expert answers

    Q. Could you please tell me if Matagenics Vitamin C Ultrascorb Powder or any of the Vitamin C`s in the Metagenics range are wheat, gluten & corn free? I have found that most Vitamin C is derived from corn.

    Apparently most ascorbic acid is derived from corn, and it is not a 'listable' item. This means you have check each individual product derivative to be sure. All Metagenics Vitamin C's contain some corn. Perhaps you would be better to source you Vitamin C from a super food eg. Synergy Natural's Chlorella or Super Greens.

    Regards, Keri Hogarth - Hygiology Naturopath

    Q. I need help with bloating and my skin I always have pimples - any suggestions?

    I've reviewed your questionaire and provided advice direct on your account. Summary:

    Increase Synergy Super Greens to 6 tabs 3 times daily - 18/day. Add Mediherb Livton for liver detoxification and emotional stability. Diet advice also included to support liver and skin clearance.

    Regards, Keri Hogarth - Hygiology Naturopath

    Q. I have an 8 year old boy who is currently on long term Flagyl for prophylaxis to control symptoms of what is most likely Chron's Disease in evolution. Can you please advise if there are children's dose probiotics and other supplements Hyiology can recommend / provide to support his condition? He weighs approx 26 kg.

    Consider Probex as a probiotic for your son - 1/3 of a teaspoon or 1 capsule daily.  Synergy Natural Supergreens powder or tablets will support alkalising digestion - you can use the powder 1/2 teaspoon. Also suggest plenty of carrots or vegetable-based juices. Fish oils for anti-inflammatory support - Orthoplex BioOmega liquid - 3 mL's per day - or fish in diet at least 3 times/week.

    Q. Just wondering how long you should take the Phyto Pro for? Thanks

    2 weeks to a month is the standard. It depends if you've completed the full detox. If you are taking it in isolation - 2 bottles should be enough to detoxify the liver pathways. Generally you will have better digestion, and energy, and you can whean off Phyto Pro and replace it with a more general superfood like Spirulina or Super Greens.

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