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Supports and optimises exercise performance.
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NOS - Nitric Oxide Support is a targeted pre-exercise sports food containing a selection of evidence-based ingredients combined to support and optimise exercise performance.

Creatine, L-arginine and the B vitamins support energy production during strenuous exercise while beta-alanine helps to increase muscle carnosine levels. The amino acid L-arginine is also the precursor for nitric oxide production, a signalling molecule involved in blood vessel relaxation and vasodilation. Coconut powder contains important electrolytes required during exercise and Guarana seed powder naturally contains caffeine.



Mix one one scoop (5g) into 200 mL of cold water and drink 20 minutes prior to exercising. To be taken once per day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.



Not ot be used as a sole source of nutrition. Should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and appropriate exercise program. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision. Contains not less than 30 mg of caffeine per serve.


Active Ingredients - each 5 g dose contains:

  • Creatine monohydrate 1 g
  • L-arginine 1 g
  • Beta-alanine 1.2 g
  • Vitamin C 80 mg
  • L-Tyrosine 200 mg
  • Guarana dried seeds powder 1 g
  • Vitamin B3 20 mg
  • Vitamin B6 3.2 mg
  • Vitamin B12 4 mcg
  • Folic acid 250 mcg
  • Green coconut powder 25 mg

Excipients: flavour, citric acid, malic acid, stevia, silica


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