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L - Arginine


L - Arginine

75 g
  •  Lowers high blood pressure 
  • Warns off colds and flu
  • Build and tone muscle tissue 
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    Get an energy kick with Musashi Arginine amino acid powder, a 100% pure free form amino acid, that plays a central role in maintaining cellular energy and protein synthesis. The arginine acts as a precursor to nitric oxide and creatine, helping to benefit your workout recovery and possibly reduce injury healing times.


    In infants and young children the demand for L-Arginine is very high to meet the demands for a growing body. L-Arginine is also an important part of the immune system, aiding the construction of antibodies to fight off viruses.

    • Detoxification of ammonia
    • Lowers high blood pressure
    • Warns off colds and flu
    • Build and tone muscle tissue
    • Regular use of this product has been found effective in improving sexual function in men



    Adults: Take 1 level 5 mL teaspoon 2 to 3 times daily.

    Active Ingredients - per 1 g dose:

    • L-Arginine 1 g


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