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Inflavonoid Intensive Care

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Metagenics Inflavonoid Intensive Care is a high potency anti-inflammatory supplement that contains a synergistic blend of powerful anti-inflammatory herbs. Inflavonoid Intensive Care contains therapeutic amounts of the Ayurvedic herbs boswellia, ginger and turmeric, all of which help to maintain inflammatory eicosanoid synthesis.

This potent combination assists in providing temporary relief from arthritic pain and management of osteoarthritis by maintaining proper circulation and discomfort due to inflammation.

Clinical Benefits
Natural, effective acute pain relief: Inflavonoid Intensive Care contains ingredients that have been shown to rapidly reduce acute pain, inflammation and joint swelling. Turmeric has been proven in numerous human clinical trials to exert anti-inflammatory effects; it inhibits a number of different molecules that play a role in inflammation such as phospholipase, lipo-oxygenase, cyclo-oxygenase, leukotrienes, prostaglandins and thromboxanes. Boswellia has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine as an analgesic and anti-inflammtory for all types of pain, but specifically for traumatic pain associated with inflammation. Finally, this formula also contains bioflavonoids, willow bark, cayenne and ginger - Natural Medicines with a long history of use as potent anti-inflammatories (Figure One).

Fast acting formula for sports injuries: Regeneration and healing of muscle and connective tissues after trauma is greatly enhanced following administration of curcumin; this beneficial effect of curcumin after injury and/or trauma is linked to its anti-inflammatory activity. Studies have also shown that as curcumin rapidly reduces acute inflammation post-exercise, it can help to improve recovery and exercise performance in athletes.

Regulation of the inflammatory cascade: As seen in the below diagram, the ingredients within Inflavonoid Intensive Care work at various points within the inflammatory cascade to quickly decrease inflammation and pain. Turmeric, boswellia, ginger, capsaicin and willow bark have been shown to rapidly reduce the activity of 5-lipooxygenase (5-LOX) and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2). These key enzymes produce pro-inflammatory cytokines such as leukotrienes and prostaglandins. Curcumin, cayenne, boswellia, ginger, capsaicin and quercetin have also been found to inhibit the activation of nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kB) the transcription factor that initiates the inflammatory cascade. The combination of upstream and downstream anti-inflammatory actions makes this a powerful, clinically effective formulation for faster acute pain relief.


Adult: Take one tablet once or twice a daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Individuals taking anticoagulents should seek medical advice before taking this product. Salicylate sensitive patients should be cautioned when taking this formula.

Active Ingredients:

Each Tablet contains extracts equivalent to:
  • Curcuma longa (turmeric), rhizome dry 3.8 g
  • Boswellia serrata (boswellia), gum dry 1.5 g
  • Salix alba (white willow), stem bark dry 1.5 g
  • Zingiber officinale (ginger), rhizone dry 500 mg
  • Quercetin 250 mg
  • Citrus bioflavonoids extract 100 mg
  • Capsicum frutescens, fruit powder 25 mg
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Customer questions / expert answers

Q. I saw a naturopath recently who recommended Metagenics Adapatan and Inflavonoid Intensive Care. I didn't like his manner but am willing to continue the herbs until I find someone else.

My dosage looks like its for 2-3 weeks, are they ok to continue for longer? I feel a little better.

Adaptan is a non-stimulating adrenal and nervous tonic and can be used continuously for up to 3 months. Inflavonoid Intensive Care supports acute inflammation, and can be taken for 3 to 6 months, though the dose needs to be varied to avoid gastro-intestinal side effects.  Just use the 'Ask a naturopath' button for anymore queries you may have.

Regards, Keri Hogarth - Hygiology Naturopath

Q. I have questions about the Inflavonoid Intensive Care that I am currently using for pain relief relating to my TMJ (recently diagnosed).

I find it very good but am concerned about long term use. Prior to this I tried to calm things down with a 7 day 24/7 consumption of Voltaren but the minute I went off it, the pain came back. I am seeing a myotherapist / Bowen therapist for the pain to try and settle it down, but for the meantime it's very inflamed and the pain is quite unmanageable without something.

PS: I am just writing to get more advice. I do see an Integrative Doctor who has put me on a bunch of supplements (see my application) and has ordered a bunch of tests, but I haven't been back to see her yet and haven't finished getting all the tests done as it's quite expensive. She did get me to see their nutritionist who ordered a food intolerance blood test and I have cut right down on a lot of things, which is making me feel better in many ways, but this TMJ has now become my main issue.

I have checked with Metagenics technical team regarding longer term use of Inflavonoid Intensive Care.  It is recommended to take maxiumum dose (2 tabs 3 times daily) for up to 3 months; then continue at lower doses (4-5 tabs per day) for up to 6 months.  After this time it is more prudent to move to a maintenance anti-inflammatory like Metagenics Kaprex (2 tabs twice daily).

Long term high doses of Inflavonoid Intensive Care can cause gastric upset (due to Capsicum and Ginger components), so if you need to continue the high dose, Metagenics Probex will support digestive health.

Regards, Keri Hogarth - Hygiology Naturopath

Q. I've recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hips & suspect I may have it in other joints too, due to constant soreness in my feet & stiffness in my neck sometimes.

My specialist has only prescribed that I attend a Pilates class once a week for the rest of my life plus, to keep my weight down & eat a nutritious diet which I pretty much do. I had told him that I don't suffer much pain with it so far but do get very stiff which is becoming more obvious as I get older. Even my muscles get stiff it seems.

I've been reading about the Metagenics MetaPure EPA/DHA product. Do you think it may help me? I would prefer a liquid as opposed to capsules. What would you prescribe?

Metagenics MetaPure EPA/DHA is an excellent product - acting as a nutritional anti-inflammatory - the liquid is easy and tasty to take. We have a range of other options for osteoarthritis, but I will just list a few for you to review:

Metagenics Inflavonoid Intensive Care is for the acute stiffness and pain, with strong herbal anti-inflammatory action Metagenics Kaprex - herbal anti-inflam for Osteo Metagenics Fibroplex Plus - a strong magnesium nutritional combination for neuro-muscular support around the joint. Have a look at the products, and see which match your current symptom

For the current symptoms you have listed, I would suggest MetaPure EPA/DHA with Inflavonoid Intensive Care.  For stiff muscles - try Fibroplex Plus.

Regards, Keri Hogarth - Hygiology Naturopath

Q. Hi, I'm looking for a product/s that are excellent / strongest for swollen, inflamed joints (fingers) related to arthritis.

Metagenics Inflavonoid Intensive Care is a formula with anti-inflammatory herbs. They also have UltraInflamX, a nutritional powder to support inflammation.


Keri Hogarth - Hygiology Naturopath

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