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Glycine 75 g


Glycine 75 g

75 g
  • Detoxification agent
  • Can be used to control cholesterol and hyperactivity 
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    Glycine is an amino acid that helps maintain healthy muscles, ligaments and tendons. It supports your body's collagen production for healthy muscle, tendons and ligaments and assists in healthy nerve and liver function. 


    It also acts as an effectual liver detoxification agent and more so promotes the healing process. Glycine is a component of GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) which helps insulin stabilizes blood sugar.


    Glycine has been used with traditional antacids to treat stomach ulcers caused by excessive stomach acid. Glycine also helps with healing injuries to skin and connective tissues and production of bile salts which are important for digestion, particularly of fats.



    • Pure free form powder assists removal of toxins necessary for normal liver function
    • Many of the detoxification processes of the liver depend on the conjugation of toxins to glycine, which assists in their removal from the body
    • Musashi Glycine not only acts as a detoxification agent but also works as an effective neurotransmitter
    • Musashi Glycine is generally used to control cholesterol and hyperactivity




    Adults: Take 1-3 teaspoons a day with water or juice.  
    A level metric teaspoon is 4.19 g. 

    Active Ingredients - per 1 g dose:

    • Glycine 1 g


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