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Digestive Enzymes

Eden Health Foods

Digestive Enzymes

120 Capsules
  • Helps with the proper digestion.
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    Healing Leaves-Professional Strength Digestive Enzymes contains the highest levels of a broad spectrum of plant based enzymes available. These enzymes help with the proper digestion to gain the maximum nutritional benefit from our food.


    Suggested Use:

    Take only 1 capsule with each meal.


    Active Ingredients:

    • Lpase
    • Amylase
    • Glucoamylase
    • Protease
    • Alpha-galactosidase
    • Cellulase
    • Lactase
    • Malt diatase
    • Invertase
    • Hemicellulase
    • Beta-glucanase
    • Phytase
    • Ginger
    • Peppermint




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