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Baby Sunscreen SPF30+

UV Natural

Baby Sunscreen SPF30+

150 g
  • Protects your baby's soft skin against the ravages of the sun
  • Maintains skin hydration and moisture without the usual harsh chemicals
  • RRP: $34.10
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    Specially formulated to protect your baby's soft and sensitive skin.

    With natural oils, extracts and anti-oxidants, the cream maintains hydration and moisture. So you can be sure your baby's skin will be protected naturally. All you really need to worry about with this suncream is:
    • Your baby squeezing an unneccessary amount of sunscreen out of the tube when you're not watching for 2 seconds
    • Telling your kid you love him / her after they inadvertantly rub the cream into their eye / mouth / your face and start crying
    • Finding a way to distract them after hurt themselves through a non-sunburn related incident
    • Getting your butler to fix you a beverage when they stop crying for 5 minutes
    UV Natural Baby Sunscreen is 2 hours water resistant, and gentle enough for daily use.



    Apply to exposed skin, avoiding eyes and mouth. Ensure that your baby is wearing protecting clothing, hats and sunglasses, and avoid prolonged exposure.



    Use in both direct and filtered sunlight as the rays will find your kid on overcast days too!

    Do not eat or mix with babyfood.


    Active Ingredients:

    • zinc oxide 24.8%
    • zinc stearate
    • grape seed oil
    • macadamia oil
    • natural vitamin E
    • green tea extract
    • grape seed extract
    • colloidal silica
    • iron oxide

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